Sunday, May 22, 2011

200 Fan Celebration/Giveaway!

Facebook has changed the rules for promotions and giveaways so from now on I’ll be posting contests and such on this blog. I will post links to it still on Facebook so keep a watch out for the links.
Right now Hip Hip Crochet is at 198 fans, only 2 fans from 200 fans! When we hit 200 fans, look out for fabulous giveaways and a big sale! (a hint as too how big of a sale 50% or more off everything in the store) Look for new items in the store soon too!
A few other things to mention….there are a few items that I have  drastically reduced that are samples of products in the store. Prices are reduced on the following: Giraffe Hair Clip Holder $6.00, was $12.00; Layered Flower Adult Headband $8.00 was $16.00; Adult Ladybug Hat $10.50 was $18.50; Adult Lion Hat $10.00 was $20.00 and Frog Princess Hair Clip $6.00 was $12.00. These items can be shipped out the same day (or next business day if ordered on a weekend or holiday) that you place the order!
Coming in July, Hip Hip Crochet will be having a Christmas in July sale. The exact dates haven’t decided yet but I will announce it when I have it all planned. Christmas items will be featured during this sale. Come check it out for some early Christmas present shopping and buy a little something something for yourself.
If you're a store and are reading this and would like to participate in the Christmas in July sale, email me at and I'll send you details as soon as I have them worked out.
Have a great weekend!

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