Thursday, June 23, 2011

Only 26 away!

As of this minute Hip Hip Crochet is only 26 "Likes" away from 500. I believe that 500 likers is definitely cause for celebration!

So from now until the end of June, everything in the store is shipped free! Just click on the Shop Now link on the left side of the page under the logo.

Also, I believe with that celebration I should do a giveaway. I will be keeping a close eye on the page so when that number hits 500, the 500th person to like my page will win their choice of hat from the shop.

Tell your friends and family, the more the merrier.

Two other things I want to mention:

The logos were doing so well, that I decided to make their own separate page for them on Facebook. It's called Pink Banana Digital Design Services. From now until the end of June all logos are FREE! After that, they're only $5. If you're interested in one you can check out the two albums that I have, one is for some that are "pre-made" and all I have to do is add the name of your page to it and the other is custom logos I've made for customers. You can contact me for more information or with your ideas. Pink Banana also has free blog layouts, custom blog layouts for $5, Welcome Pages for your Facebook page for $10 (set of two, one that non fans will see and one that fans will see) and much, much more!

Also, over at my weight loss page, Reinventing Andrea, starting on July 1, we're doing the Reinventing Andrea's Biggest Loser Challenge. Check it out and I hope you'll join in!

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