Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Broomstick Lace Scarf

I'm loving broomstick lace!

• Sizes J & Q crochet hooks
• worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart's With Love in Fruit Punch)
• yarn needle
• scissors
• coffee (optional)

• ch = chain
• yo = yarn over
• sc


With J hook, ch 35, do NOT turn.

Row 1 Step 1: place the loop that is on your J hook onto the round end of the Q hook. Now, working from left to right, insert your J hook into the next ch, draw up a loop and place it on the Q hook. Continue drawing up loops and placing them on the Q hook for each chain. At the end of the chain you should have 35 loops on the Q hook like this:

Row 1 Step 2: (do not turn at the end of row 1, step 1) Now working right to left, with J hook, pull off first 5 loops, yo, pull through all loops on J hook, 5 sc in the loops (see picture below). Continue working 5 loops at a time until all loops are used.

Row 2 Step 1: place the loop that is on the J hook onto the Q hook. Working left to right, insert your hook into the next sc and draw up a loop, place it on the Q hook. Continue drawing up loops until you've reached the last sc (35 loops on Q hook).

Row 2 Step 2: repeat row 1 step 2.

Continue repeating row 2 steps 1 & 2 until you've reached your desired length.

For toddlers, I stop at 30"; children/preteen 40"; teen/adult 54"


Cut 36 eight inch pieces from the two colors of yarn that you used for the scarf. Take 3 pieces from both colors and fold in half. With hook pull through edge of scarf. 
Pull loose ends through loops and pull tight. Continue for 6 tassels on each end.

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