Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Etsy Store is Open!

So I decided to go ahead and open a shop on Etsy! Because I had had a shop for my patterns named Hip Hip Crochet in the past, I couldn't use the name again so the new shop's name is Hunt's Happy Hooks. 

Remember, until we have the money to retain a lawyer all proceeds from sells will go for that cause. (See previous post)

And through the month of October, use the coupon code GrandOpening2014 to get 25% off of your order.

There's several items in the Ready to Ship section that can be shipped as soon as payment is cleared and lots of items that can be made as soon as your payment clears. I also take money orders, but keep in mind that the order won't be started until the money order is received so PayPal is the faster way to go.

I'll be adding new items soon, too so keep checking back. And be sure to tell your friends!

I should have a new pattern up on the blog by the end of the week and I'm very excited about this pattern! It's somewhat unique. (Don't worry, it's not tacky. I try to keep it classy here at Hip Hip Crochet/Hunt's Happy Hooks.)

Have an awesome day!

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